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A STORY is a sequence of events strung together in such a way that it conveys meaning. Through stories we make sense of events and the world.


A STORYTELLER selects and shapes elements that link chosen events into a story. A storyteller is a creator of meaning.

Are you a healer or holistic practitioner? Do you organise events, festivals or workshops that promote personal growth and development? Do you need someone to attend your event and describe their experience so that you attract future participants? Are you looking for a reporter who can really grasp what you are doing and convey it in a meaningful way? Or do you want to share with the world what you do, but feel you lack the writing skills to do so?

I can help. I am a storyteller or spiritual reporter, as well as a literary coach. I make it my business to produce authentic, conscious and meaningful written content through my business, Living Connections, and my blog, Life Seekers. Through the latter I aim to specifically inform people in Cape Town of all things personal development and growth. I will be able to attend your event, write a blog about it and post it on relevant platforms. Interested? For more information and rates, contact me at