Literary coaching

What is literary coaching? 

What precisely is a literary coach? A literary coach is the writer’s ally on the battlefield of writing, who guides and supports the writer through the inner and outer process. The best time to make use of this guide/motivator/cheerleader/mentor is at the beginning of the writing journey. They help you get the groundwork (planning, organisation, strategising, etc.) around your writing done and support you up to the very point when you have a publishable manuscript in your hands.

As a literary coach I can help you:

  • Get clear on the big, inspiring target goal of your book and come up with a writing schedule
  • Decide on the best idea for your book
  • Break the journey of writing a book up into smaller, more doable milestones
  • Become clear about the reason you want to write a book and come up with practical solutions on how to keep on being motivated right till the very end
  • Come up with good writing habits and create an environment that assures productive writing
  • Find your truth and speak it in your unique own way
  • Make writing fun by introducing creative pastimes that will feed your writing
  • Craft the outline of your book
  • Envision each chapter by knowing where it happens, what happens and to whom
  • Make characters real through visualisation techniques
  • Edit and cut by effectively making use of different parts of your brain
  • Overcome inner obstacles such as procrastination, lack of confidence, fear of criticism, lack of motivation that’s blocking your progress
  • And more . . .

All the while still honouring your unique process by keeping you connected to who you are while doing what you love. This I do specifically through ILS (Inner life Skills) coaching techniques.

What is ILS coaching?

ILS coaching is very much intuition based work. Often when we have problems or questions we immediately want to go to the world for solutions, not knowing that within every one of us there is a vast resource of wisdom, eureka ideas and groundbreaking solutions. ILS coaching makes use of visualisations, relaxation techniques, powerful questioning formulas and a few neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to once again tap into that amazing well of resources within yourself. This empowers you as writer making it possible to reach your own full potential.

What are some of the benefits of having a literary coach by your side?

  • You have a soundboard who knows the industry from whom you can bounce ideas off
  • You have help when you get stuck
  • You create a sustainable writing flow and see real progress
  • You get to make time for planning and thinking things over. In effect this will mean that you will have to do less editing and fixing later
  • You improve your quality of writing
  • You are able to navigate your writing process with more confidence and more knowhow. This is because you have someone asking the right questions to get to solutions faster
  • You are kept accountable, which further helps you to reach that finish line
  • You improve your chances of getting published traditionally tenfold
  • You become a more authentic, empowered writer who is able to really make a difference with your writing

Keen to try it out? Curious to know what literary coaching is about?

90 minute one-on-one sessions @ R500 (This includes one free 30 min consultation session)

Or buy a package deal:

3 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions @ R1500

5 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions @ R2500

10 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions @ R4500

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