A single person's guide to achieving lasting love

Book Cover: Keeping the love you find by Harville Hendrix






Topics covered in this book:


Imago: Why we fall in love with those we fall in love with

Rewiring the way we have been programmed

Stages of child development and “wounds” we acquire during these stages

Putting back our hidden, lost and denied selves


Conscious relationships

Let’s face it, relationships can be complicated and messy. They all start great: we feel alive and whole – feelings being in love bring. Then suddenly everything turns sour. Your guy or girl is just not the person you thought they were. What went wrong?

The truth is that we are all individuals who bring our own (sometimes subconscious) can of worms to a relationship. It is in opening this can together, bringing the issues to the fore and making each other’s growth and healing a priority, that true love resides.

Our deepest and most uncomfortable and unsettling feelings, brought to the fore by another, often have more to do with ourselves than with another. These strong feelings point to unfinished business and aspects from our past that still need to be resolved (or healed).

As the world changes, so do our most intimate relationships. Our grandparents’ relationship might look very different from the way we do things today. This book opened my eyes to the intricate workings of relationships, to what really happens in the background and how we can achieve greater awareness regarding our relationships. Ultimately relationships carry the potential for personal growth and healing, a process which extends the self. But we do not have to wait until we are in a relationship for this to happen. We can start by examining ourselves and objectively assessing what makes us uncomfortable or causes us pain today. When we deal with our past timeously, we already enter our relationships in a healthier way.

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