Taking the path less trodden in search of a meaningful life



Life Seekers is about personal journeys, self-discovery, self-growth, transformation, taking huge leaps of faith and sometimes getting lost – and being OK with that. It is about daring to be different and choosing to be true to yourself rather than following the crowd. It is about being fully present and aware of deciding actively to craft the life you want. This is not easy. It may mean placing yourself in very uncomfortable situations where you will have to face that which disturbs and hurts you head on.

This is the path less trodden, but which ultimately leads to spiritual maturity – the very essence of a life worth living.

It is my journey but also the journeys of others who have inspired and motivated me to keep going.

What is it all about?

The stories tell of hitting rock bottom; taking stock, painfully at times; reassessing, making a change, and choosing to do things differently. The insights I share are those I gained while changing direction so that I once again could follow my own path.

The books are those that helped me to plot my way forward when all ahead seemed dark and unknown. These are the things that excite me and the thoughts that occupy my mind, my body and my spirit as I celebrate life. It is not necessarily the road for you to follow slavishly, but rather a reminder that you live fully only when you live from your core, your true self. You may see parts of yourself in me.

I trust you will be inspired to start your own journey in truly striving to live your life abundantly.

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